VivaVideo App is designed to edit and make changes in a recorded video to make it more attractive. This app will add few effects and changes in a video that will make it different from the older one. Viva Video Apk is among the few apps that allow editing the video.

VivaVideo is an interesting application for Android users which let them edit the video. This App has a platform that contains many tools which allow you to edit the video as you prefer. It is a Video Editing App that was designed only for the Smartphone devices. Viva Video App is a useful app that has been developed for the Smartphone device. In this trendy world, we came across many Photo editing applications, but Viva Video Apk App is the only App that will edit your video.

Viva Video App: Viva Video has is of great use for smartphone holders to cut and customize videos accordingly. The app can be downloaded for free of cost from online. But it also features Viva Video Photo editor which lets users edit and customize their photos and pictures.

Nowadays the love for photography and editing the pics have been increased as the launch of many new Android devices is increasing. These Smartphone companies are releasing their Android devices with the best camera features. People are very fascinated to photo shoots after the selfie feature has been installed. The front camera is the best feature on Android mobile that everyone likes to use more. Although we have been using many editing applications from Google store to edit the images. Using the Free editing app, the smartphone users can directly take a pic by selecting the themes before capturing the pic. You can download Viva Video as it is among the best editing apps which provide you the best experience with the features installed in it. You may have many doubts regarding the Viva Video App. Ok, let me clear all your doubts with the brief view regarding this Video pro editor app.

Download Viva Video Apk

What is Viva Video?

We love to store memories of the days spent with our friends and family members by capturing the videos or by creating a video collage. Viva Video is an excellent app now rolling fast on many Android devices. The pictures which you have captured using your Android device can be made into a memorable Video using this Viva Video Apk. Many themes, editing options like different lenses and stickers are provided to make your video the best. You can assign music from your device or use the music available in the app.

Using the Viva Video apk, you can merge, edit, trim and dub any video. Many different camera lenses are provided which enables you to choose depending on your situation. Selfie lenses are the best feature that helps you to create a video with only your images. After editing the video or capturing the video, you can share it on Google+, Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube and many more Social Networking sites. Make sure that you are going to download the latest version of Viva Video for the best experience.

How to Download Viva Video Apk for Android?

After going the through the features of Viva, Video App made me give a try. You can download viva video using the links given at the end of this post. Sometimes installation of the applications may become difficult due to the bugs or by choosing the outdated version. So follow the steps stated below to make your download easy and faster.

  • Go to the Google Play store app in your Android Device.
  • Type “Download Viva Video” in the search bar provided at the top.

Viva Video App

  • Click on the app and tap on install button.
  • Make sure the installation of unknown sources is enabled.

  • After accepting the Terms and conditions of Viva Video App, the download will be started.

Now the app is installed on your android device and ready for use.

How to Download Viva Video App for iPhone?

Iphone and iPad users have to download the application from the app store which is the inbuilt application same as that of Google Play store. iPhone and iPad users are asked to follow the steps stated below to download and install the Viva Video App on your device.

  • Go to the App store.
  • Search for Viva Video app.Click on the app and then press the install button.
  • Viva Video app will be installed on your device.

You would not regret to download viva video app. If you want to know the features offered by the Viva Video App, just give a try and experience the Free Video Editing. After the installation of this video editing app, you don’t need to worry about the merging and to edit the videos. All the features required for editing a video are now enabled in the Viva Video App software. If you have any doubts regarding the download and installation of Viva Video app, feel free to contact us. Stay Tuned to grab more information about the features of Viva Video App- Free Editing Software.